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Community Use Questions

What browsers are supported by XYConnects?

We recommend using Google Chrome.

How does xyConnects work?

With an approved birth report patients are invited to access xyConnects, an online community of Xytex donor families. xyConnects allows donors, patients and offspring to privately connect in a safe, private and moderated online environment. Donors, patients and offspring can register to participate. All parties must agree to a connection and communication before any correspondence takes place. Xytex has confirmed and verified births of all xyConnects users.

Can I connect with other patients who have used the same donor?

Yes. xyConnects allows patients to connect with other patients who have used the same donor. In the xyConnects tab, you are able to choose with whom you would like to connect.

How does xyConnects differ from other online registries, forums and chat rooms?

Unlike other online registries, forums and chat rooms, xyConnects is fully moderated, making it a safe and secure online environment. Xytex uses a donor's ID number to confirm the donor identities, the patient and the recorded birth to ensure all parties are represented accurately. This helps protect the privacy of all involved.

Can I connect with people outside of the online community?

xyConnects does not facilitate meeting anyone outside of the online community setting.

If any changes or updates are made to my donor's Medical History Update(MHU), do I get a notification?

If an updated MHU indicates a potential genetic issue, all patients connected to that donor will be contacted. Any other updates will be reflected in the donors online profile. You will not be notified of any updates to your donor's MHU via xyConnects.

Is there someone moderating xyConnects?

Yes. Every comment, picture and message sent in xyConnects is viewed and approved or rejected by a Xytex administrator before it is posted to the community. This moderation is provided to protect the privacy of all parties involved.

How do I report inappropriate or abusive comments on xyConnects?

xyConnects is a moderated online community. Any abusive, hateful or otherwise inappropriate comments will be rejected during the moderation process. If you have any concerns regarding a post on xyConnects please email

How do I know the donor is verified?

xyConnects verifies a donor's ID number with other documented information to confirm the donors identity. Xytex confirms the identity of the donor, the recipient of that donor's sperm and the recorded birth to assure that users are connected to the correct donor.

Can I block people from contacting me?

Users are provided the option to accept or reject any connection request received through xyConnects. If you wish to disconnect with a user, you may ''unfriend'' that user under ''My Connections''.

Can minor offspring sign up for an account?

Patients are able to grant XYConnects access to donor offspring between the ages of 13-17. The offspring is able to join the site once Xytex receives a xyConnects Parental Consent form completed by the mother listed on their birth report. Children under 13 years of age are not allowed to participate as stated in the Child Online Protection Act (COPA).

Can the donor start the process of connecting with his offspring?

A donor can sign up for xyConnects. This informs Xytex that he is willing to communicate with the families of his offspring.

Does a donor have any obligation to connect with patients or his offspring?

No. xyConnects is an elective forum.

General User Questions

How do I send a private message to a donor or patient?

You must be connected to the other user in xyConnects before you can send a private message. To send a private message, in your xyConnects account under "My Menu" select private message and select the user's profile you intend to send a private message by clicking on their thumbnail photo. Once on the recipient's profile page, begin typing in the box below "Post a message" and click Post when ready to send. This will be a private message between you and the recipient.

How do I search for family connections?

When you register and login to xyConnects, you are able to see all patients and offspring associated with your same donor number. You are then able to friend those connections linked to the corresponding donor.

How do I change my password and other profile information?

When logged into your account, click on ''My Account'' in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In ''My Account Setting'' choose ''edit'' and then change your password and any additional profile information.

How do I upload a photo?

When logged into your account, choose ''Newsfeed'' and then select ''Upload a photo.'' You will be provided with the option to browse through and select files to upload from your computer.

If a user shares a photo, is it public on xyConnects for all to see?

When a user uploads a photo to their photogallery, it is shared with all xyConnects members whom they are currently connected.

Can I delete my account?

When logged into your account, select the ''XYConnects'' tab and then choose ''Settings.'' Select ''Account Settings'' to deactivate your account.

What is your privacy policy?

The xyConnects privacy policy can be viewed here.

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